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Being in business since 1975, Atlantic Landscape Construction has sought out sources for quality plant material and established relationships with growers who understand Atlantic’s expectations.

Through these relationships Atlantic Landscape knows the capabilities of individual growers and that they can deliver the plant quality, and the quantity, needed for a project. Atlantic Landscape Construction makes regular visits to growers to review their inventories and hand select trees and shrubs they will use on projects and reinforcing their expectations with growers.

While a majority of plant material is sourced through grower nurseries, a large amount of native plant material is sustainably harvested locally. This native plant material is primarily native sod (Lowbush Blueberry, Hayscented Fern, Haircap Moss, Bunchberry, Wintergreen, Sheep’s Laurel, etc.), but also includes individual plants such as clump ferns (Cinnamon Fern, Ostrich Fern, Sensitive Fern, Interrupted Fern, Lady Fern, Christmas Fern, etc.), and shrubs and trees (Rhodora, Moose Maple, etc.).

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Tree Relocation

Large Tree Relocation

Atlantic Landscape Construction is New England’s expert in large (40’ and taller) tree relocation. With 40 years of experience digging, moving and planting large trees, Atlantic understands the process and can anticipate the issues associated with a given move resulting in an efficient and effective transplant. Atlantic Landscape will locate trees for your consideration or respond to trees you select and advise you on every aspect of the project before you begin, giving you security and peace of mind.

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From the smallest landscape project to the largest, Atlantic Landscape Construction takes great pride in their planting installations. Whether the landscape design calls for a native or formal look, Atlantic Landscape knows that attention to detail gives the installation its integrity and allows the design intent to create the sense of place envisioned by the property owner. Atlantic Landscape is equally comfortable building to plans or creating the plan as they build, either way the most important piece of the installation is that the owner receives the landscape they expected.

The best way to explain the quality of Atlantic’s landscape installations is to let the landscapes speak for themselves…

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